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Salsa Grande, Very Hot

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The name 'Salsa Grande' sounds very formidable to us – almost like the name of a mountain or a high peak that climbers glance up at wistfully and have on their to-do list for years. Then the day finally comes when they get they courage to make the big climb. In a similar way, Stripling's Salsa Grande is a salsa that only serious contenders need to attempt. While it doesn't have as many peppers as its other comrade in the very hot category, 5 Amigos Pepper Salsa, this one has two peppers which are quite potent: habanero and jalapeno. According to a chiles & pepper pocket guide (which we keep handy when roaming the salsa aisle at Stripling's), habaneros rank 10 on a 1 to 10 heat index scale, with 10 being the highest. Jalapenos rank 8. So just those 2 peppers put together means that many salsa lovers will need to stay at 'base camp' with our milder salsas; only the pros can attempt Salsa Grande.