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Stripling's Specialties

Unlike the assembly line approach used by your typical corporate food manufacturers, we pride ourselves on practicing small batch production techniques. Although it would be more cost and time effective to do things otherwise, Stripling’s scaled down approach allows us to pay incredibly close attention to the taste, appearance and quality of each batch of product crafted. Our customers can snack confidently knowing that their product was made slowly, carefully, and with love by a Stripling’s artisan. Follow the links below to read on about our small batch processing techniques. 
One taste of our Stripling’s Sausage and you will understand how our small batch sausage-making techniques make all the difference. Our sausage is made from a whole, hot hog – meaning it is crafted on the same day the hog is butchered. In fact, the pork does not even have time to cool before it is seasoned, smoked and stuffed into casings. We use all five prime cuts of the hog – ham, tenderloin, belly, picnic shoulder and butt. Natural casings, natural seasonings and plenty of hickory smoke round out the process. Our small batch techniques guarantee optimal taste and consistent texture in every bite. Perfected in 1964, it’s a formula that continues to please our customers to this day. 
With Stripling’s Jerky you can truly taste the small batch difference. Each piece of jerky is cut from a lean piece of meat and hung to dry by hand before being sent to the smoker. Unlike the big name jerkies on the market, Stripling’s Jerky is free of nitrates and MSG and contains no artificial flavors. Its twelve-month shelf life allows customers to easily buy in bulk – but we guarantee you will eat it long before its twelve months are up! Try our Stripling’s Jerky for yourself and you will understand why Food & Wine Magazine named it a “Top 10 Test Kitchen Discovery!” 
BBQ & Brunswick  Stew 
Although Stripling’s Sausage and Jerky are our signature products, we put the same amount of time and energy into manufacturing two of our favorite southern specialties, Brunswick Stew and BBQ.

We do our Brunswick Stew Stripling’s-style, with plenty of slow-roasted pork, beef and chicken, corn, creamed corn, tomatoes and onions in a savory tomato broth. Warmed up in a Crockpot or taken along in a Thermos, Stripling’s Brunswick Stew makes the perfect addition to your tailgate spread or church potluck meal. We offer it pre-packaged in our frozen foods section and fresh on our hot food bar.

Our Stripling’s BBQ is smoked low and slow for over 12 hours then tossed in a vinegar-based sauce with a slight kick. Even the most avid grill masters agree that it gives their homemade BBQ a run for its money. Take some home from the store, either frozen or fresh from the hot bar, or order online in 20 oz. or 5 lb. increments.