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Corporate Gifting

No matter which industry you work in, a crucial part of the holiday season is ensuring that your clients, customers, and employees understand that you value them as well as their contributions and patronage throughout the year. Corporate Gifting provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen these existing relationships and foster new ones.

Stripling's ability to curate a unique, attractive arrangement of meat and gourmet food items gives each Corporate Gift Box a personalized element that doesn’t even compare to the generic, lackluster gifts your recipient has received in the past.
Here’s what you can expect when gifting with Stripling’s:
  • Personalized messages, holiday cards, or your business cards
  • Customized gift boxes or baskets
  • Easy address book management
  • Yearly gift reminders
  • Shipped packages or packages ready for pick-up for locals
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your associates all look forward to their gift!

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