Get the Beef on the Best Beef Jerky

Nov 20th 2020

There is nothing like tearing into a hunk of tasty beef jerky. Just the thought of it makes your mouth water. The blend of flavors and spices can make you crave piece after piece when it’s been prepared just right. Some of the best pork and beef jerky, according to Food & Wine, comes from Stripling’s General Stores a beef jerkies store in Perry GA. Jerky that’s full of flavor and fresh can’t be beaten, especially when it’s been created using lean cuts of meat. The general store added beef jerky to their product line in 1995. They have a secret way of preparing their jerky that becomes evident after the very first bite. It’s no secret at all that they use the best lean cuts of meat that are perfectly seasoned. Every piece is cut and hung by hand before it is sent to the smoker. All of their hard work results in mouth-watering, low-fat treats that have become a fast favorite with no nitrates, artificial flavors or MSG.

Different Types of Stripling Jerky Includes:

  • Original Beef Jerky
  • Hot Beef Jerky
  • Mild Beef Jerky
  • Pork Jerky

Pssst, You Just Gotta Try Stripling’s Jerky!

Whether you like your jerky poppin’ jalapeno hot, or mild and tasty Stripling’s has the jerky flavors you are going to love. Their hottest beef jerky will light your tongue on fire with a combination of crushed red pepper, jalapeno peppers and cayenne pepper that are all used to season tasty strips of lean beef with a nice and slow burn. Take a bite of their original beef jerky and get a taste of tradition that will have you coming back for more. If you prefer a milder version, then their mild beef jerky will do the trick!

You Asked for It, Now You’ve Got It!

Every version of Stripling’s beef jerky is bursting with flavor. However, pork jerky was requested by customers and being loyal to them, the demand was met with a pork version of their famous beef jerky. Next time you want to sink your teeth into a tender cut of jerky it’s time to head on over to Stripling’s General Store. Their pork jerky will satisfy your cravings and have you coming back for more. Every cut is coated with their very own pork rub so their pork smoked jerky has the right amount of spice. Get enough for the whole family so you can all enjoy a healthy and tasty snack.