The Cheese Doesn’t Stand Alone

debaseinstall Hoop Cheese

The old saying that the cheese stands alone doesn’t work when you’re getting ready to cut into hoop cheese traditionally created by Stripling’s General Store. Their traditionally-made hoop cheese is created using cow’s milk, with the whey being drained completely then placed in round moulds called hoops. This is precisely where hoop cheese gets its name. Hoop cheese with a red or black wax coating has also been called ring cheese before too. Often, hoop cheese is compared to cheese called farmer’s cheese. However, hoop cheese differs from farmer’s cheese because no salt or cream is added to it. Hoop cheese is not aged either, so the texture is soft and tends to spoil fast.

You Can Find Hoop Cheese in Small Grocery Shops

Since hoop cheese has a neutral taste and short shelf life, it tends to be difficult to find unless you know where it is made fresh. Stripling’s General Store sells red and black rind hoop cheeses that can be bought freshly cut off the wheel. Next time you want to cook with hoop cheese, visit a Stripling’s location. Don’t be surprised when this delicious cheese becomes your next obsession.

It Is All About the Taste

Cheese, just the name can make cheese lovers every where start planning their next meal or snack with cheese as a focal point. Red rind hoop cheese is known to be a slightly salty, mild cheese that has a rubbery texture. When it ages, it becomes crumbly and sharp. Such a rich yellow colored cheese also gives off a rather subtle nutty flavor. Add a creamy texture to your next dish with red rind hoop cheese. Melt hoop cheese between two beautifully toasted slices of bread for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Make your macaroni and cheese the creamiest with, yep you guessed it, hoop cheese. Black rind hoop cheese tends to be more pungent and acidic, which makes it an absolute asset when it comes to making pimento cheese spread. Even if all you want to do is enjoy cheese, fruit and crackers you can’t go wrong with either type of hoop cheese.

Stock Your Pantry with the Ultimate Comfort Food Known as Hoop Cheese

Without realizing it, hoop cheese can become your favorite comfort food. You tried it the first time and it grew on you. You slowly started adding it to your recipes and even snacked on it with crackers. Then you noticed your stash was dwindling and your pantry was almost bare without it. Don’t worry, you can always rush order it from Stripling’s General Store so you always have enough on hand.