Stripling’s General Store: Redefining Local

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There’s something about an open road on a hot summer day. With cities, mountains, and beaches over the horizon, the best trips allow you to live in the moment and simply enjoy the passage of time. That’s when time slows down and the beauty of Georgia’s local countryside reveals itself. That’s when you might stop in to Stripling’s General Store.

Stripling’s has all the perks of a local establishment nestled within a loving, close-knit community. You don’t have to live nearby, though, to feel like a local at Stripling’s. Here, you’ll find a welcoming staff happy to help you out or hear your story. After all, stopping in at Stripling’s is to take part in a longstanding Georgia narrative. Their famous homemade sausage dogs have been a popular choice amongst travelers since the original recipe was perfected in 1964 on the Stripling’s family farm. Browsing the aisles of Stripling’s is somewhat of a Georgia road trip in its own right. Between the wild mayhaw jelly, Vidalia onion salad dressing, pecans, and fresh pork prepared the same day it’s butchered, Stripling’s captures all the best of local Georgia cuisine within its four walls. After all these years, Stripling’s still extends the exact same careful cooking process, spice blends, and friendly welcome to hungry travelers.

When it’s time to fill up the tank or grab some refreshments, start a family tradition of your own this year. Stripling’s has grown and prospered thanks to the generations of families that have run the business and who frequent the stores to shop and catch up. There are now Stripling’s locations in Cordele and Bogart, and soon in Perry, so no matter which direction you’re heading, there’s always some good food and great friends waiting along your route.

Once the rubber meets the road, food is often times an afterthought. Try adding a little local flavor to complement the scenery as you venture into the unfamiliar! Your favorite snack from Stripling’s might just do justice to the vast, sprawling fields and the pecan-laden forests that have ingrained nostalgia in the hearts of so many.

This summer, when you go out to travel and explore, you’ll need as much energy as possible. Allow Stripling’s to be your one-stop-shop for nutritional snacks that pack a punch! With an abundance of delicious, healthy, on-the-go options, your trip to Stripling’s will offer all of the necessities for whatever adventure lies ahead! Whether you’re looking for a bag of praline pecans, artisanal jerky to pass around the car, or a bottle of Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato salad dressing to go with dinner, Stripling’s has the fuel you need!

So, what fuels you? Discovering new people and places? Spending quality time with loved ones? Stripling’s is a place that simultaneously helps you to go out exploring and to remind you of how great it is to finally be home. One doesn’t have to cancel out the other; Stripling’s feeds them both!
Where will this summer take you? When Providence Canyon, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tybee Island, and the Okefenokee Swamp call, don’t ignore them. As the weather warms and road trip options abound, fill up the gas tank and grab a snack at Stripling’s General Store. Here, you’ll feel right at home no matter where you’re going.