Lead Your Tailgate To A Victory

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Here in the South, tailgating could be considered a serious sport on its own. It takes teamwork to coordinate who will bring each necessity and ensure the effort is spread evenly. The host acts as a captain in charge of running the show for the game as well as the main point of contact. A plan of action, not unlike a football play, must be figured out in advanced to make sure everything runs smoothly on game day. Finally, there are those participating in the tailgate “warm up” by setting up the necessary tables, tents, and of course, the food. All this hard work and preparation pays off once the tailgate is in full swing and everyone is ecstatic, just like your team winning a victory.

With football season just around the corner, the excitement of tailgating is already starting to build! But we know how busy Fall can be, so let Stripling’s General Store serve as your MVP and one-stop-shop for all of your tailgate needs! Here’s your game plan:

Kick Off: The butcher counter! Sausage is the backbone of Stripling’s family business, and for good reason! Custom-made from an original 1964 recipe, Stripling’s sausage uses locally raised pork and traditional small-batch techniques, making it a sure “pick” to score points with your crowd. Selling fresh links and smoked links, Stripling’s offers mild, medium, hot and jalapeno cheese variations, all of which can be thrown on the grill & nestled into a soft bun for a winning sausage dog!
Game Changer: Condiments! Everyone has a different playbook for how to build the perfect sausage dog, and Stripling’s offers a limitless variety! Try a modified southern version of a Chicago dog with Stripling’s Vidalia Onion Mustard Relish and a few slices of Stripling’s Green Tomato Pickles. Or switch up the roster and top your dog with fresh onions and any of Stripling’s locally crafted BBQ Sauces – whichever way you choose, Stripling’s premium condiments are sure to out-play your store-bought staples.

Final Play: Snacks! For the fan on-the-go, Stripling’s sells an array of pre-made dips, salsas, cookies, party mixes and more to cater to all of your snacking needs. Honey Crisp Pecans, Southern Trash Party Mix, cheese straws, a variety of cookies and all of Stripling’s fruit butters & jellies are fan-favorites that don’t require any hassle or cleanup. Did the team captain assign you dip? No sweat! Stripling’s homemade salsas come in over ten flavors including Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Peach Salsa, and Five Amigos Fire Roasted Pepper Salsa for those fans that might enjoy getting a little “hot-headed!”

When football season rolls around next month, choose to get in the game instead of sitting on the sidelines by shopping at Stripling’s General Store for all of your tailgating needs. With premium meats and a variety of pre-made snacks all in one location, you’ll have more time to get fired up for the big game and less time to sweat over the details – a guaranteed recipe for tailgating success!