Lead Your Tailgate to a Victory with Stripling’s General Store!

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Football season is upon us, and tailgate season is in full-swing! Here in the South, tailgating is a sport on its own, and like any successful game play, there’s a lot of planning and preparation needed to make your tailgate a “win!” This football season let Stripling’s General Store serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your tailgate needs!

No matter what team you cheer for, all fans know a tailgate’s foundation is a starting line-up of good eats! But we all know just how busy fall can get, so we turn to Stripling’s General Store! Founded over 50 years ago, Stripling’s started as a small “sausage kitchen” on the family farm and proudly grew into the full-line grocery store it is today! It’s no surprise that sausage serves as the MVP and backbone of the family business, but each location also houses a specialty butcher shop, packed high with a variety of fresh, premium cuts of meats and more to lead your tailgate to a victory!

Try firing up the grill with a pack of Stripling’s Smoked Baby Back Ribs – so tender they fall right off the bone – and top them with any of Stripling’s original sauces for that extra point! Or pick up a pack of Stripling’s Original BBQ – a vinegar-based ‘que that pulls in a slight kick from the hot sauce, Stripling’s BBQ is a sure “pick” to score points with your crowd! And as we move into those chillier nights, nothing warms the heart like a bowl of Stripling’s chunky Brunswick Stew! Win or lose, you’re bound to score big with this stew, as it’s overloaded with Stripling’s fresh pork, chicken, creamed corn, tomatoes and onions.

Let’s not forget that tailgates take teamwork, and if you’re not the quarterback, you’re still in charge of bringing something to the table! Lucky for you, each location of Stripling’s boasts a fully-stocked hot bar, making it easier than ever to grab-and-go with a bag full of Stripling’s Sausage-In-A-Buns or a box full of fresh-off-the-grill Sausage Dogs! And while everyone has a different playbook for how to build the perfect Sausage Dog, Stripling’s offers a limitless variety. Try a modified southern version of a Chicago dog with Stripling’s Vidalia Onion Mustard Relish and a few slices of Stripling’s Green Tomato Pickles, or, switch up the roster and top your dog with fresh onions and any of Stripling’s locally crafted BBQ Sauces – whichever way you choose, Stripling’s hot bar offerings and toppings are sure to out-play your store-bought staples.

For the fan on-the-go, pick from Stripling’s impressive array of dips, salsas, cookies, party mixes and more to cater to all of your snacking needs! Kick off your tailgate with an arrangement of Stripling’s Peach Salsa, Mango Lime Salsa or Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato Salsa, and for those fans that might get a little “hot-headed,” go for the Five Amigos Fire Roasted Pepper Salsa! Each game-changing flavor outkicks its competitors and pairs perfectly with nachos, in addition to a variety of simple recipes found on Stripling’s website. Last but not least, don’t forget the sweets! Stripling’s Honey Crisp Pecans, Southern Trash Party Mix, homemade fruit butters and cookies are fan-favorites that don’t require any hassle or clean-up.

This footballs season, choose to get in the game instead of sitting on the sidelines by shopping at Stripling’s General Store for all of your tailgating needs. With premium meats and a variety of pre-made snacks all in one location, you’ll have more time to get fired up for the big game and less time to sweat over the details – a guaranteed recipe for tailgating success!